Schedule of Shul Shiurim:

Weekly Night Seder Shiurim

Monday & Wednesday Nights 9:15 pm -10:00 pm

Learn the Sugya with David Amster

Develop skills to make a leining on a Sugya while discovering how the Sugya develops 

Currently learning the 7th Perek of Masechta Brachos


Monday & Wednesday Nights 9:15- 10:00 pm

Halacha B'Iyun - Hilchos Maalachei Akum with Rabbi Lazar

Tuesday Nights  9:45-10:15 PM

Orchos Tzaddikim with Rabbi Lazar

Zoom Shiurim

On a Personal Note ..... Thoughts, Insights & Meaning on Pesukei D'Zimra

l'zechus Refuah Sheleima Binyomin Yisrael ben Chanita rsbsc"y

Sunday Nights 8:30 - 9:00 pm with Rabbi LA

Tefilla focus - Pesukei Dzimra 2